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Numerology Cafe in Brooklyn, NY is an online service which provides professional Numerology Readings and Feng Shui Consultations. Our services include 1hour readings with individuals and couples.

At Numerology Cafe, our greatest passion is the study of numbers and the impact they have on our lives. We are each born with a unique set of numbers that reveal truths about ourselves and help us bring awareness to our personal strengths, opportunities, patterns and challenges. Our life path number is the most important number because this number stays with you all your life.

Finding Your Life Path Number

To find your life path number, begin with your birthday month, day and year and add together to form one single number.

Example: Birthday is 5/2/1966

Add: 5+2+1+9+6+6=29

Add: 2+9=11

Add: 1+1=2

You must breakdown your birthday to a single number. In this example, the life path number is a 2.

The vibration of a 2 seeks harmony, they love to love and they despise conflict, this is why they make good Counselors and Social workers.

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